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Friday, 24 February 2012

Questions on momentum


Momentum = mass x velocity                                          kgms-1 = kg x ms-1

1.       A bowling ball has a mass of 10kg and a velocity of 15ms-1. Calculate its momentum.                    150 kgms-1

2.       A speed skater has a velocity of 15ms-1 and a mass of 65 kg. Calculate her momentum.                 975 kgms-1

3.       A bullet of mass 0.068 kg traveling horizontally at a speed of 150 ms-1. Calculate its momentum. 10.2 kgms-1

4.       The world record for bowling at cricket is 80 ms-1. A cricket ball has a mass of 0.17kg. Calculate its momentum. 13.6 kgms-1

5.       Calculate the momentum of a car of mass 1000kg travelling a velocity of 20ms-1                                             2 x 10 4 kgms-1

6.       A jumbo jet has a mass of 30 000 kg. Calculate its momentum at cruising speed of 300ms-1                          9 x 10 6 kgms-1

7.       A Eurostar train has a mass of 752t. (1t = 1000kg).  Calculate its momentum at top speed of 93 ms-1 6.99x 107kgms-1

8.       An oil tanker has a mass of 100 x106 kg and is travelling at 5ms-1. Calculate its momentum.                         5 x 108 kgms-1

9.       The Earth has a mass of 5.9742 × 1024 kg. Its orbital velocity is 29.8 kms-1. Calculate its momentum. 1.73 x1029 kgms-1

10.    Jupiter has a mass of 1.8986×1027 kg and an orbital velocity of 13.06 kms-1. Calculate its momentum. 2.48 x1031 kgms-1

11.    N2 has an atomic mass of 4.65173 x 10-26 kg. Calculate its momentum if it has a velocity 500 ms-1 2.33 x 10-23 kgms-1

12.    The electron mass = 9.10938188 × 10-31 kilograms. Calculate the momentum of an electron travelling at 0.1c (c = 3 x108 ms-1) 2.73 x10-23 kgms-1